Improvement of documentation and information for resident physicians via EDP-service

EDP-service for 12 physicians in private practice, granted by the BMFT (Federal Ministry for Research and Technology)

In order to provide online EDP-service to external resident physicians the installation of a second computer (Siemens 4004/45) in the calculating center of the German Clinic for Dignoostic (DKD) was granted. The doctors' offices got fast teletype machines using DATEX L with 300 baud (Siemens T 300). They allowed the online use of the DUSP/DUTAP-system for entry, control, and storage of patient data, and for programmed reporting. Meanwhile it was possible to use the text generation software programmed in DUTAP without linking (direct interpretation).

Aim and tecniques for DIPAS were presented 1971 in a Paper 'Praxisgerechte EDV als Serviceleistung für den niedergelassenen Arzt' (German only).

In June 1975 a brochure of the federal agency ‚gsf‘ informed about the success of the DIPAS project. This was the basis for subseqent grant proposals (DOMING-III / AKAS as well as DIADEM).

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