System for physician communication and information (AKAS)

Grant proposal of the Central Research Institute ... (ZI) for DOMINIG-III

The 'Central Research Institute of Ambulatory Health Care in Germany (ZI)' asked me in 1973 to formulate the grant proposal for DOMINIG-III. I wrote the concept for a system for physician communication and information (Arzt-Kommunikations- und Auskunft-System AKAS).

Remark: The link points to very old websites, German only, of my institute, the Center for Medical Informatics (ZInfo). They date from the last millennium, 1997. Even then I asked that the AKAS concept of 1973 was published in the web since I found it historically relevant. It contained my vision of support for the physician by EDP and the draft model for the first time. (The original AKAS proposal can be downloaded here.)

The ZI won the tender for DOMINIG-III, but for political reasons realized only the business part, successful in Mumps.

I myself was kicked out (perhaps due to the fact that I had refused to become founder chairman of the 'Central Research Institute of Ambulatory Health Care in Germany (ZI) which would have meant to move with the family from Wiesbaden to Cologne). Our DIPAS-results were not, as originally planned in AKAS, continued in DOMINIG-III by the ZI. I had to fight for the continuation and got support from the expert committee (Dataprocessing in Medicine, DVM) of the Federal Ministry for Research and Technology (BMFT) for the continuation of the medical part on mini-computers in hospitals: Improvement of Documentation and Information for the physician using a decentralized EDP-Module (). After severe turbulences this allowed me to finance my experienced staff. My written documentation ‚DIPAS-Abschlussbericht = DIADEM-Ausgangsbasis‘ describes not only transition problems due to the financial failure of the German Clinic for Dignostics (DKD), but also the overall system and many successful practical applications.


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