BAIK as federal and state program

Medical complement to the administrative programs

The federal and state programs originated from the cooperation of states (Länder) with the goal to create software for the hospitals. Well known and much used were FINK for the financial accounting, KOLK for cost analysis, and MAIK for material and investment management in the hospital. The state office for statistics of Rheinland-Pfalz in Bad Ems was in charge of development and maintenance.

BAIK was the medical add-on. The following states participated and financed the centralized program maintenance (Zentrale Verfahrenspflege, ZVP) for BAIK: Bavaria, Bremen, Hesse, Lower Saxony, and Rhineland-Palatinate. Responsible for development and maintenance was my institute, the Center of Medical Informatics (Zinfo). Newly developed was the ‚Information Analyzing Text Retrieval Oriented System (IATROS)‘ (see BAIK-book pp. 46 ff.) for complex data analysis and text retrieval tasks. With the help of the thesaurus it was a comprehensive tool with its own interactive online command language. E.g with the help of this system Röttger was able to answer the question whether there were dissected cases with HIV in Frankfurt before the diagnosis ‚AIDS‘ was invented. All information about the system is concentrated in the BAIK-book (only German, alas!)

For BAIK the state office for statistics of Rhineland-Palatinate in Bad Ems asked us to reprogram IATROS in COBOL. We did indeed develop this, however, as far as I know, it was only ever used for tests. (The Mumps-Program on decentral mini-computers was more powerful and easier to use.)

The German Heart Center in Berlin (Deutsches Herzzentrum Berlin (DHZB)) used BAIK from the beginning and developed many of their own applications. The director, Prof. Dr. E. Fleck, knew BAIK from Munich and brought it to Berlin. At the Heart Center Berlin the software of the US-Veterans Administration was also widely used, in combination with BAIK.

On the occasion of my retirement (emeritus) at the end of my BAIK development I compared the successful electronic patient record system VistA of the US-Veterans Administration with BAIK. The comprehensive paper ‚Principles of an ative Electronic Health Record (aEHR); Lessons Learned from BAIK‘ describes all aspects of BAIK (in English) and is therefore useful as a basis for a critical review.