Medical web search engine 'Dr. Antonius'

Powerful, thesaurus-based, well designed and used

In the Center of Medical Informatics (Zinfo) my deputy, Dr. Kirsten, started experimenting with web search engines very early on. His ‚Frankfurt Index‘ was well used.

Dr. Antonius‘ was a crawler, which analysed new webpages for medical content. For this purpose we used the semantical net of the AGK-Thesaurus and the ICD-10-diagnosis thesaurus, which we had developed from the AGK-thesaurus and other sources. (By the way, a problem was to distinguish medical from ‚red light‘ content.) If medical content was established, the web page was indexed for the search engine. The thesaurus allowed search not only by word but also by semantic arrays.

On the CeBIT exhibition 1998 three of our Zinfo-systems were presented as the contribution of the state of Hesse: ‚Antonius‘, ‚ICD-10-diagnosis thesaurus‘, and ‚Xmed‘ (see ‚Fachinformation‘).

Later, after the success of Google, Dr. Antonius was converted to a meta search engine without its own crawler, using Google instead.

Dr. Antonius was well used, but had to be cancelled at my retirement due to the lack of maintenance after the closing of our center of medical informatics (Zinfo).