Medical Information and Quality Assurance Sytem (MedIAS)

Realization of the a Vison, end of the BAIK-development

The BAIK-Vision is an active electronic patient record (aEPR), which offers the physician more than he entered (see BAIK-Modell, BAIK-book p. 14, and 'Principles of an active Electronic Health Record (aEHR); Lessons Learned from BAIK').

To get there Paparoditis in his doctoral thesis at the German Heart Center Berlin (DHZB) analysed how to formalize the physicians' need for information (interest profile).

Then Thier installed MedIAS as a prototype at the Zinfo in Frankfurt successfully.

Thus, well before my retirement (emeritus) in 2003, which is actually 15 years ago, the feasibility of my vision of an active feedback was proven. The Vision of an active Electronic Patient Record is realistic.

Nowadays we experience such targeted information pop-ups whenever we use the web. It would not be utopic to provide the physician with actual information about the treatment of a patient including the most recent research results which is specifically filtered according to his interest profile.

No doubt, the BAIK-model could be realized.