Documentation of findings and report generation in the hospital (BAIK)

Public domain program and research product of Wolfgang Giere

I am grateful to my daughter Kathrina Nimmo for her valuable help with the English translation.

BAIK was developed and continously enhanced during my career:

  • More than 50 years ago it was invented at the Ev. Krankenhaus Bethesda in Duisburg (Germany). It was the first Electronic Patient Record (EPR), used in daily routine since Jan. 1st, 1968. DUSP was the system for data acquisition and control. The result of data collection was a programmed referral letter, „der programmierte Arztbrief“.

  • From 1968 I enhanced the program and developed the programming language DUTAP for natural language generation, alongside my official duties at the Robert Bosch Calculation Center in Stuttgart. There I worked for Rudolf Pirtkien and redesigned his MEDIUC system.

  • 1970 The German Clinic for Diagnostik (DKD) was founded and the physicians demanded to use „programmed reporting“. In the Handbuch der medizinischen Dokumentation und Datenverarbeitung the EDP-Support of the medical Routine Operation is described in a separate chapter.

  • 1972 the Research project DIPAS was funded by the federal government. 12 physicians in private praxis used the programs for their reporting via online connections to the DKD-Computer-Center.

  • 1974 on the basis of DIPAS the concept for an „Arzt-Kommunikations- und Auskunftssystem (AKAS)“ was formulated for the „Zentralinistitut“ der „Kassenärztlichen Bundesvereinigung (KBV)“ and granted as DOMINIG III.

  • 1976 „Dokumentations- und Informationsverbesserung für den Arzt mit Dezentralem EDV-Modul (DIADEM)“ (enhancement of documentation and information for the physician using a decentralized EDP-Module) was granted and allowed to reimplement the system on minicomputers.

  • 1993 we celebrated 25 years of programmed reporting.

  • At the J.W. Goethe University Hospital and Medical School in Frankfurt the system was used including the „Informations-Aufbereitendes Text Retrieval Orientiertes System (IATROS). (Information Analyzing Text Retrieval Oriented System)

  • Then it was implemented in other hospitals supported by the stats as public domain program.

  • 1978 the BAIK-book was published, a comprehensive description of the BAIK-Model and the system.

  • By 2003 the feed-back loops of the model were also realized (Classification using Xmed, Search Engine Dr. Antonius, selective Informationsupport for the prcticing physician using MedIAS).

  • Before my retirement the transatlantic cooperation project MUCHMORE was based on the BAIK-Model. The vision was realized.


(The old web pages of the Center of Medical Informatics (Zinfo) are kept and accessible.)