Working Group Free Text Analysis of the German Society for Medical Documentation and Statistics (GMDS)

Foundation and development

As early as the late 60s Röttger (Klinikum of the J.W.Goethe-University Frankfurt) started building a thesaurus on the basis of dissection reports using the computer at the Deutsche Rechenzentrum (German Calculating Center) in Darmstadt.

1970 we augmented the vocabulary adding the clinical diagnoses of the Deutsche Klinik für Diagnostik (DKD) (German Clinic for Diagnostic). My gifted team member Schalck maintained a clinical version of the thesaurus, including ICD-8 codes

1972 together with Wingert (MHH Hannover) and partners from Berlin and Vienna the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Klartextanalyse (AGK) (working group free text analysis) was founded.

1973 a symposium on the current state was held in Vienna. The results were published with the help of the company Siemens (part 1/part 2).

Starting in 1977 Roettger used BAIK for pathology dissection reports. That allowed on-line control of every dictated word. Each new word was described periodically in the semantical net developed by Roettger et al (see. Symposium part 1 pp. 52 ff.).

At the same time Wingert in Münster branched off and developed his own system concentrating on ‚Sems‘ (smallest meaningful parts of words) and SNOMED for the semantical context.

The vocabulary of the AGH-thesaurus served as basis for the ICD-10-diagnosis thesaurus.